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Think Positive
Create Victory

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A series of approaches and methodologies to help you move forward to VICTORY!  You learn ways to tackle your negative thoughts, understand what God’s promise offers you, confront fear and more.  The modules include; videos, resource guides, journals and workbooks, online education, photographic imagery with positive messages and inspirational products.

The objective of the program is to help you change the direction of your focus to produce positive thoughts that create VICTORY!  The program works just the way it sounds, your mind goes through a makeover.  We help you change the look and feel of your mind, creating a new you that will act and live different, thriving as you walk in VICTORY!  GET READY TO TURN THINGS AROUND!
Enrolling in the MINDSET MAKEOVER program is where your journey to VICTORY begins.  MINDSET MAKEOVER offers practical and effective techniques that support making that mental shift.  You need to think differently and act differently to achieve your VICTORY!  You need a massive Mindset Makeover that will bring you to your VICTORIOUS breakthrough! This requires utilizing our full brainpower to create an awareness of your mindset to identify and evaluate our current way of thinking.

Enroll in the Mind Makeover Network!

Once enrolled you start with on-line education sessions to identify your current way of thinking and begin implementing steps for the MAKEOVER!  Sessions are self-paced.

You begin receiving the Relaxation Journey videos to begin filling your mind with positive and empowering images and sounds.

You begin receiving the Answered Prayer Journal your workbooks to start putting your goals and plans of action on paper to help form the reality of your VICTORY!

You get a coupon for 40% off your first purchase of inspirational or personal care products.

Receive one complimentary trial personal care product to try out and review.

You get a coupon for 50% off your first conference registration


Your membership includes;

Three levels of partipcation to meet your needs  - Academy Student to always be up-to-date and never miss anything. Community Member to choose participation at your convience, and Monthly Subscriber to sample the program and decide to upgrade later.

On-line Courses, newsletters, E-Books and Resource Guides a collection of inspirational and motivational courses, videos, publications and resources to empower your journey for your MINDSET MAKEOVER.

Relaxation Journey   a series of Videos of beautiful nature images embedded with scripture, positive affirmations and relaxing music that will produce; peace, serenity and calm as you begin to let go of your negative energy and thoughts, replacing them with these new images and thoughts. New videos published bi-monthly.

Answered Prayer Journal is a series of worksbooks featuring testimonies of how prayers are answered when the mindset and focus changes. Workbook includes a call to action section for you to create your action plan.
Testimony is the story of challenges that were experienced, so you can connect and identify your challenges.

Scripture helps you understand what God has to say about it and has beautiful images with positive messages.

Mission is your call to action and your chance to respond and start your jouney for your MINDSET MAKEOVER. Readers complete the exercises in each journal to develop a plan of action to carry out daily for your MINDSET MAKEOVER!  Journals are publisdhed quarterly

Inspirational message products; t-shirts, totes etc. – as a member receive 20-30% off your purchases and special bonus shopping opportunities.
Natural personal care products - receive complimentary trial personal care products to try out and review.  Get 40% off discounts when you submit reviews on products and services.
Conference registration discounts - receive special member discounted prices on registrations for in-person conferences.

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Become A Mind Makeover Student!
Three Membership Levels To Fit Your Needs!

    Student Academy Member $300 – This program gives you access to member programs to include; admission to Mindset Makeover on-line course, admission to one live in-person conference, sneak peak preview to future newly developed on-line courses, 12 month access to E-books, Newsletters, Resource Guides, Webinars and Conference Calls. Six month subscription to Relaxation Journey video series and Answered Prayer Journal Workbooks, Discounts on Inspirational and Natural Personal Care Products, 50% discount on live in-person conference registrations after your first complimentary admission
    Community Membership $150 - Membership is good for six months. Includes the Mindset Maker on-line course, sneak peak preview to future newly developed on-line courses, access to E-books, Newsletters, Resource Guides, Webinars, Conference Calls, Relaxation Journey video series and Answered Prayer Journal Workbooks for 6 months, Discounts on Inspirational and Natural Personal Care Products and discounts on conference registrations.
    Monthly Member $50 – Monthly subscription. Includes access to E-books, Newsletters, Resource Guides, Webinars, Conference Calls, Relaxation Journey video series and Answered Prayer Journal Workbooks. Discounts on Inspirational and Natural Personal Care Products and discounts on conference registrations.
    • Mindset Makeover Course (on-line) $200 full course • Relaxation Journey Video Subscription (bi-monthly) $30 annual subscription • Prayer Journal Subscription (quarterly) $20 annual subscription • On-line Education Courses and In-person Conferences - pay full registration prices as advertised ($20-$200 per event) • Inspirational and Personal Care products – pay full retail prices as advertised ($10-$30 per product)

Answered Prayer Journal



Relaxation Journey